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I do not usually write articles like this but due to covid, I am aware that many people are skint and probably out there looking for a bargain.

Well, you are in luck because I am going to share with you my recent experience of finding a cheap lawnmower that shows that cheap does not mean bad. I have found the best cheap electric lawnmower and it is definitely up to the task.

That lawnmower is (pictured above) the Hyundai HYM3200E (amazon link – opens in a new tab).

Why Choose an Electric Lawnmower?

Choosing an electric lawnmower is a great idea for many reasons especially if you have a small to medium-sized garden.

Personally, my garden is a little larger than average and I have a self-propelled petrol mower which is great, but I had to find a lawnmower for my elderly Nan, so it had to be just right.

Below are a few of the benefits of using an electric lawn mower for your small garden.


Electric lawnmowers are certainly cheaper than their fuel-powered cousins. Not only is the initial purchase better for your wallet, but you also will not have to purchase any additional fuel either.

Not only that but maintenance costs and replacement parts are far cheaper too.

Clean Energy

Unlike petrol lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers use electricity and do not emit any emissions which are harmful to the environment.

With the ongoing developments in renewable energy, electricity is as clean as it gets which is great for nature and all of us.


Due to the lack of an engine, electric lawnmowers are now so light they can be carried in one hand and pushed around the garden with absolute ease.

Many electric lawnmowers these days come in at under 10kg which is spectacular considering the power.


Another great reason to choose an electric mower is that they are quieter than petrol-powered mowers and will not make as much noise.

A quiet mower, there is no such thing just yet, but an electric mower is much quieter than their combustion engine counterparts which will save your ears a little bit.

Why Choose the Hyundai HYM3200E?

First off, Hyundai is one of the most trusted retailers in the automotive industry and their vehicles and machines are well-known for their reliability.

After looking around at various mowers in the lower-end price range (my Nan’s garden is only small), I thought this ticked the most boxes and is the best cheap lawnmower around – boy was I not disappointed!


For what you get, the price is absolutely great. Yes, this is at the budget end of the spectrum and if you do not have much to spend, this machine is for you.

When I purchased one for my Nan, it even came with an electric strimmer too!

10m Cable

The Hyundai comes complete with an extremely long 10m cable which is almost unheard of in the budget range meaning that for most small gardens, you will not even need an extension cable to plug it into.


One of the great things about this mower is how light it is. It comes in at 8.8kg and once you have picked it up, you will be surprised by its cutting power.

The weight of this machine makes it great for just about everyone from the elderly to those that may have mobility issues.

Grass Collector

A reasonably sized 25l grass collector means that you will not be back and forth to the compost bin every 30 seconds.

The grass collector even has a fill level indicator so you can see when it needs to be emptied without having to stop.


Hyundai is so confident in their machine that they are offering a 3-year platinum manufacturer warranty with this product which is not to be sniffed at.

3 Cutting Heights

Unusual for a budget end machine to have adjustable cutting heights but there it is, Hyundai has gone above and beyond to offer the best they can for the price.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mower

There are a few things that you may want to consider before buying yourself a new lawnmower. Your budget, the size of your garden, your storage space, and your mobility are all things that you will need to think about.


First and foremost for many will be how much you can afford to spend but if you have a really small garden, is there any point in buying something high-end?

Size of Your Garden

The size of your garden will dictate what type of machine is suitable. A corded electric machine is fine for a small to medium garden but if you have an expansive area to mow, you may need something with a little more power.

Storage Space

Storage space is important. You may not have the space to house a large petrol mower, if not, something smaller that folds away would be great.


As I have mentioned, I think the Hyundai is a great machine. It comes with a 10m cable, it is extremely lightweight and the arms fold away for easy storage.

Although, in my opinion, the Hyundai (amazon link – Opens in a new tab) is the best cheap lawnmower, it is good enough to outperform even more expensive models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a UK Plug?

Yes, when purchased in the UK, the Hyundai comes with a moulded 3-pin plug suitable for use with the standard UK 240v 15A socket.

Is it easy to assemble?

It takes a few minutes for a person to set this up. One of my favourite aspects about this product is that it has such an easy design that does not require any tools or professional help.

I was able to assemble it myself in just a few minutes! Anyone can do it, especially if they want something low-key and basic like this one!

Does it come with a replacement blade?

No, there is no replacement blade although the blades are made of stainless steel and should last a good few years at the very least.

When you do need a new blade, spare parts can be ordered for the Hyundai at a good price.

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