Blackwall Compost Converter

Probably the most recognisable composter found in UK gardens. The trusted ‘Dalek’, so nicknamed for obvious reasons.

The Blackwall compost converter is our favourite one of the many available due to its ease of use and the quality compost that you get from it.

Blackwall Compost Converter

Best Dalek Compost Bin

Design – 3.2
Ease of Use – 5

Compost Quality – 4.2
Value for Money – 4.1

Overall Rating: 4.1

All ratings out of 5


  • Easy to use
  • Large 330-litre capacity
  • Enclosed unit
  • Looks like a Dalek!


  • The hatch is a little fiddly to fit
  • Base plate sold separately (only required if placed on a hard surface)
Dalek Compost Bin
Dalek Compost Bin

Blackwall Compost Converter – Available at Amazon

Is the Blackwall Compost Converter any Good?

The Blackwall composter is very good. It is simple to use, just place it in the garden and you are good to go. The speed of the composting process is about average, but the quality of the compost is very good.

If you use it without the base plate, it won’t be long before worms will naturally take up residence there, assisting the process and improving the quality.

Does the Blackwall Compost Converter Need any Maintenance?

No, the Blackwall compost bin is ready to go as it is and doesn’t need any maintenance. This type of composter made from moulded plastic will last forever too.

Is the Blackwall Compost Converter Well Made?

The build quality of this composter is what you would expect from moulded plastic. It feels quite flimsy until it is placed on the ground, and you start adding contents.

Once, you start adding your compostable materials, it is sturdy and solid.

Is the Blackwall Compost Converter Worth It?

This Dalek compost bin made our list due to its qualities compared to other similar priced products. I have no doubt that this product will last many years.

Does the Blackwall Compost Converter Need any Extras?

If you are keeping this Dalek composter on a hard surface such as concrete or slabs, you will want to purchase the base plate for it which is sold separately.

In most cases, the base plate is not required, this composter works best directly on the garden.

Does the Blackwall Compost Converter Work?

Not only does this Dalek compost bin work but it works extremely well. This composter requires very little work; you just add the materials (best to layer your greens and browns), and it will do the rest.

Once you have a few worms take up residence inside, the compost you will get will be a real treat for your plants.

Note: You can speed up this process by adding some tigers and some dendras right from the start.


Quite simply, this is our favourite Dalek composter. There is a reason that this product from Blackwall is so popular.

It is reasonably priced, works right out of the box and it will last forever.

If the Lacewing XL doesn’t take your fancy, you can check out the other best composters available.

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