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Mangetout is an excellent source of Vitamin K and C, it is also an excellent food for low-calorie diets and can help to improve brain health. With so many health benefits, it is little wonder that mangetout is a favourite vegetable of people all around the world. But when you get a little too passionate and buy too many, you may be asking yourself can you freeze mangetout?

The good news is that yes, you can freeze mangetout. However, it may not be as simple as chucking them into the freezer and forgetting about them until you are ready to eat. You will need to blanch the vegetables before freezing to help maintain their quality.

In this short guide, we will be looking at the best way to freeze mangetout as well as giving you some handy tips for defrosting.

How Long Can You Keep Mangetout In The Freezer?

The way that you store mangetout will have an impact on how long it will stay good in the freezer. One thing is for sure, that most fruits and vegetables retain their quality very well upon freezing and this is true also of mangetout.

We will look at the best way to freeze mangetout in a little more detail later on, but the final step of this is to choose a suitable tub for the vegetables. If you use a vacuum-sealed freezer bag then, provided that they are kept in a deep freeze, the mangetout will last for a little over a year, potentially up to 14 months.

Conversely, if you have opted for a normal freezer bag then you can expect your mangetout to remain fit for eating for up to nine months. That being said, whichever method you choose, you will notice that the mangetout has the best quality when eating between two and three months after freezing.

How To Freeze Mangetout?

If you have ever attempted to freeze peas or beans, you will be familiar with the soggy, floppy vegetables that greet you upon defrosting. While this may not be harmful to you, it is anything but appetising but freezing your mangetout correctly will mean that you end up with something much more gastronomically appealing. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our helpful step-by-step guide to freezing these delicious veggies.

Step 1 – Blanche

Blanching is an age-old cooking technique that is often used before properly cooking food. This process boosts the longevity of a product, giving it greater quality over the long run.

When it comes to freezing mangetout, blanching the vegetables first is an excellent way to ensure that they will be just as crunchy and delicious when you defrost them.

Begin by boiling some water, when it is ready, you can plunge the mangetout into the pot to scald them. You don’t need to do this for any longer than two minutes.

When the time is up, remove the mangetout from the boiling water and quickly plunge them into ice water for 90 seconds to stop the cooking process.

Step 2 – Prepare for the Freezer

Now you are ready to freeze the mangetout. But unlike other foods which can be frozen in bags, closely packed together, these vegetables will not freeze well like this. Instead, you should use a shallow, lined container and lay the mangetout in rows.

Try to avoid the mangetout touching one another. Now pop the container into the freezer and wait for the food to freeze completely.

Step 3 – Freeze

Once the mangetout is frozen all the way through, you will now be able to transfer them into a freezer bag or other container of your choice.

Doing this will save space in the freezer and, provided that you followed the previous steps properly, the mangetout won’t stick together.

Do you Have to Blanche Mange Tout Before Freezing?

Many of us are in a rush to prepare our food and blanching the mangetout could be seen as an unnecessary step that wastes time. However, while you can, in theory, freeze your mangetout without blanching, we wouldn’t recommend this. 

When you put them through a blanching process, this will ensure that the veggies retain that deep green colour and will help to lock in the essential nutrients. Furthermore, mangetouts that have been blanched before freezing will keep that crunchy texture that we all know and love.

Can You Refreeze Mangetout?

If you have frozen a portion of mangetout and defrosted them only to realise that you still have too many, you might be wondering can you refreeze mangetout? Once again, home chefs will be delighted to know that this is entirely possible. 

However, whilst freezing once will give you crisp, crunchy and high-quality mangetout, putting them through this process again could alter their quality. Typically, the texture will change and some of the nutrients will be lost.  

You can refreeze them in exactly the same manner that you froze them in the first place. However, in this instance, you should check on them regularly to ensure that they keep their fresh, green appearance. If this is lost, it should be discarded. Similarly, if they are not eaten within nine months, they should be thrown away.

How To Defrost Mangetout?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to defrosting mangetout is that they take them out of the freezer and straight to room temperature. While this may be suitable for some foods, doing this with mange tout will see a significant decrease in quality. 

Any sudden temperature changes are not good for the vegetables and so, they should be defrosted in the refrigerator for a period of at least 12 hours.

Is There A Quicker Way To Defrost Mangetout?

While we often plan our meals in advance, there may be times that you get a craving for mangetout that needs to be sated right away. The good news is that there are a couple of ways you can defrost your veggies more quickly. 

Primarily, you should simply cook the mangetout right from frozen. This won’t affect their quality and you could be enjoying them in a matter of minutes.

However, when doing this, we would always suggest cooking them on very high heat so that they quickly thaw out and don’t become soggy. Stir-frying is a good method for this. 

Alternatively, you could take a bowl of warm water and place the mangetout inside, allowing them to thaw much more quickly. If you do choose this method, then it is important to cook the mangetout immediately after defrosting.


Mangetout is a diverse and tasty vegetable that is loved by many people. However, a lot of these greens get thrown out prematurely because people worry that they cannot be frozen.

The good news is that mangetouts are excellent candidates for a stint in the freezer and using the correct preparation, including blanching, will ensure that they last as long as 14 months!

Garden Doctor Trev

Garden Doctor Tips

“For best results, cook your mange tout from frozen but if you want to defrost them, put them in the fridge!”

“Mange tout do not freeze well and retain quality if there are too many tightly packed into one space!”

“Frozen mange tout will keep for up to 14 months!”

“Do not skip the blanching process, blanching will help the mange tout retain their freshness and quality!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between mangetout and peas?

Mangetout and peas are essentially the same things. Mangetout is young pea pods that have been picked before the peas have matured meaning the pods are still quite flat.

Is it OK to eat raw mangetout?

Mangetout can be eaten raw in salads although personally, I think that they are better cooked just enough that they retain a little crispiness.

Can I freeze mangetout without blanching?

Yes, mangetout can be frozen without blanching although this is not recommended as the vegetable will not retain its freshness.

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