Lacewing XL Compost Bin

Looking for a composter that is affordable, easy to set up and made from quality materials? The Lacewing XL open top pressure treated composter might be just the thing for you! This composter is simple to put together and can hold up to 893 litres of compost.

Made with pressure-treated timber, this composter is weather resistant and will last long into the future. Read on for my full review of the Lacewing XL open-top composter.

Lacewing XL Composter

Best Large Compost Bin

Design – 3
Ease of Use – 4.5

Compost Quality – 4.2
Value for Money – 4.8

Overall Rating: 4.1

All ratings out of 5


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Very Large


  • Simple Design
  • No lid
Lacewing XL Large Compost Bin
Lacewing XL Large Compost Bin

Lacewing XL Composter – Available at Amazon

Is the Lacewing XL Composter any Good?

Coming in at a solid 4.1/ 5, this composter is very good compared to some of the similar products that we tested. After 1 year of use, it is in great condition and still looks new.

I have now got 3 of these at the nursery at different stages that will keep us going well.

Does the Lacewing XL Composter Need any Maintenance?

No maintenance is required. Once this composter has been assembled, it is up to you to start composting.

Is the Lacewing XL Composter Well Made?

Yes, this composter is well made, it is quite basic and comes with instructions, so it is easy to assemble. The pressure-treated timber slats fit together nicely and are said to be rot-resistant for up to 15 years.

Is the Lacewing XL Composter Worth It?

The price that this composter is on sale for makes it worth it in my opinion. Coming in at just under £100, you have a large enough composter to suit most large gardens.

Made from pressure-treated, rot-resistant timber, Lacewing says that you should get up to 15 years of good use out of it.

Does the Lacewing XL Composter Need any Extras?

No, it doesn’t need any extras for it to work out well, although you may want to cover it with a tarp in the winter so that the pile doesn’t become too wet.

Does the Lacewing XL Composter work?

Open top composters like this definitely work but how well they work depends entirely on the person that is adding the materials, turning it over etc.

If you are looking for a simple composter that takes very little work, this one might not be for you. If, however, you are looking for a large composter to get your composting journey going, this is perfect.


The Lacewing XL is definitely our best large composter for gardens. It is big enough to hold 893 litres of compost whilst still being small enough to tuck away somewhere.

It is an open topped composter, so you will have to keep your eye on what is going in and give it a turn as expected. If you are in an area with a lot of heavy rainfall, you may want to get a tarpaulin or something so that you can cover it up when it rains.

If the Lacewing XL doesn’t take your fancy, you can check out the other best composters available.

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