Are Foxgloves Poisonous to Touch?


More commonly known as Foxgloves, their bell-shaped flower is usually seen as bright pink but they can also be white or purple too!

Foxgloves have a reputation for being dangerous - and it's because of their toxins.

This plant's most notable toxin is...

Refined into a powerful cardiac medicine, digitalin can be used to help treat heart conditions and stop heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat).


But the question that we get asked regularly remains...

Are Foxgloves Poisonous to Touch?

 Many people experience severe allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Yes, foxgloves are poisonous to touch!

and other symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

Anaphylaxis can lead to difficulty breathing

For those with no allergies, there still remains a risk of toxins being transferred into the body through open wounds, or if you touch your eyes and mouth.

Wash your hands so you do not get any of the toxins into places you don't want them.

What to do if you have Touched Foxgloves?

Use warm soapy water to remove those unwanted toxins and keep your hands clean.

Better still, only handle foxgloves when wearing gloves!

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